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Limited Time Only: 20% Off Commercial and Infomercial Services!

Discover How to Quickly and Easily Build Your Brand Awareness and Reputation!

Let Us Produce and Air Commercials On the Most Popular Streaming Services to Help You Build Brand Exposure!

Produce and publish commercials with UndaGround Madness!

We provide commercial/infomercial video production and live broadcasting services for content creators and small business owners.

Ready to increase your brand exposure and identity in just 30 days

Here’s Why Commercial Production Services Are Vital For Success


Of all the brands we’ve worked with from local to medium-sized, there are three common mistakes they make that negatively impact their brand. They include:

      ✖️ Not having high-quality visuals.

      ✖️ Failing to convey their brand’s story effectively.

      ✖️ Inability to reach their ideal customers/clients.

These common errors contribute to low sales and a bad brand reputation…


On the other hand, a good video commercial can:


     ✔️ Bring in quality customers.


     ✔️ Build your brand’s reputation. 


     ✔️ Bring you continuous sales and revenue.


Local businesses often find it hard to compete by relying on printed advertising (billboards, signs, newspaper posts, etc.) Instead, there’s a much better way to help your business stand out!


UndaGround Madness helps small to medium-sized businesses harness the power of digital marketing via commercials. Now’s your chance to place your brand on America’s most watched networks and streaming services!


Video content outperforms printed and static advertising each time. Why? Engagement. Videos draw in your audience in ways that words and images never could.


It’s time to begin building your brand's identity! Stop relying on losing strategies and start utilizing the power of video content and digital advertising! Book a call now to learn more!


Here’s Why Commercial Production Services Are Vital For Success

This results in greater brand visibility and reputation and a continuous flow of customers!

Pro Video Production

High-quality commercials and videos shot by industry professionals and technical crew.


  • Commercial

  • Corporate, Business

  • Training

  • Live Stream

  • Presentations

  • Product Launch

  • Events, Music Videos & more.

Post Production

Other than marketing, editing and post-production is the final step in the video production process.


  • Pro video editing

  • Audio sweetening

  • Color correction

  • Green screen

  • Motion graphics 

  • Visual effects


We also provide platform options to advertise your brand on!


  • ALT TV Network

  • Live on FIRESTICK

  • YouTube Live stream

  • Apple TV Live

  • Roku Live

  • Facebook Live

“It’s 2022, and most small businesses are already leveraging local TV shows and different live stream platforms for their marketing and branding, which results in huge sales and revenue.”

So if you own a small business, store, gym, smoothie shop, restaurant, real estate business, hospital, or any other service/product-based business and want to increase your brand visibility through visual media, we are your one-stop solution.

Infomercial/Commercial Production

Whether you're looking for video production services from start to finish or a platform to broadcast or stream your event, we've got the solution to 

fit your needs and goals!


UndaGround Madness is a one-stop solution for producing high-quality visuals which include:


  1. Commercial Videos

  2. Brand Infomercial Videos

  3. Corporate Videos

  4. Convention Material

  5. Music & Event Content


About UndaGround Madness

We are a full-service video production company eager to help your business begin broadcasting live as soon as possible!

UndaGround Madness provides end-to-end solutions to your video production needs. 

From helping you produce a high-quality video to publishing it on different platforms. Our five years of experience in different niches allow us to understand your market and customers and help your brand get visibility coolly and sophisticatedly.

When you place your project in our hands, we promise you quality and results in the next 30 days!

Undaground Madness LLC's mission is to provide great, professional service to
our clients and to ensure that all projects are taking place within 'the madness'
benefit greatly from their involvement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Commercials Help Businesses?

Commercials are a great way for businesses to advertise their products and services. To start, video content is more engaging and, therefore, more memorable- this leads to a high likelihood of conversion.

Secondly, commercials offer an excellent introduction to your brand. What better way for a potential new customer to hear about you than during their favorite show or on their preferred radio station? Now’s your chance to interact with potential new clients in an entirely new way with our done-for-you services.

Additionally, commercials can:

  • Increase brand awareness and exposure

  • Help you better compete with local competitors

  • Reach your audience in a new way to help you convert and grow

Why Can’t I Do it On My Own?

There are a few hurdles that prevent many business owners from self-promoting. Often the biggest dilemma is high-quality equipment to produce a professional and substantial commercial for television or radio.

We use cutting-edge visual and auditory equipment to ensure our clients receive the best content possible.

Otherwise, partnering with an agency can better position you to air your ads!

Book a call today to learn more about how we can help you.

How Likely Will Commercials Produce Results?

While advertising is a tricky business with no guaranteed success, studies show a massive increase in conversion when a winning campaign is in place. Nearly 60% of new products perform better with commercials; on average, sales increase by a minimum of 21% when a new commercial airs.

Do You Only Offer Commercial and Infomercial Services?

We are proud to offer a wide range of services which include:

  • Artist Branding

  • Media Production

  • Event Planning

  • Graphic Design

  • Live Broadcasting Production



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